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English edition of Claridad Tarot in co-creation with Watkins, made in London. Clarity reveals the heart of the traditional 78 imagery, stripped of monarchical hierarchy, binarism and ageism, to allow any reader, beginner or expert, to access new visions, reflections and notions of power dynamics.

The borderless design allows you to create visual landscapes and to deeply understand the elements of Tarot, and the correspondences within them (you will find water and cups, coins and earth, air and feathers/arrows, batons and fire; as an invitation to activitely distinguish them and to gain more vocabulary for your readings).

The guidebook includes an introduction to the system of the Tarot, focusing on the rules of visual language such as symmetry, direction, repetition and connections.

All profits that Bel is able to make because of your support, will help her keep producing the Spanish edition with the cooperativa El Zocalo, and to fund her next printed projects. Thank you! Gracias! :)

Clarity Tarot

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