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Visual Language

M a r s e i l l e  T a r o t

A foundation course on a visual approach & interpretation techniques for fluid readings with Marseille Tarot. 


This is not a course to remember and repeat meanings. This isn't either a course to give you a fixed view of the Marseille Tarot. 
This is a course about the fundamentals of visual interpretation, applied to the Marseille Tarot. 

My intention is that class after class you can feel more confident when reading for others. I created this course specifically to help you deepen your relationship with the Marseille Tarot, to expand your views about this art form and to help you sharp your answers supported by visual evidence.

See you in April! x


In this course we work with the 78 Marseille Tarot cards from the first class and it is open to beginners and experienced readers equally. No previous experience is required, the only two conditions to attend are having a Marseille Tarot deck and the intention to practice weekly for 6 weeks. 

The intention behind this course is that you can sharp your attention to details, read cards more fluently and gain confidence as a reader.

+ If you are looking for a course on meanings, then this is not for you. This course is 
designed to help you create meanings contextualising them, it is created with the intention to help you read a visual text and have your own thoughts when being in front of a person, your cards and a question. 


Class 1 - Primary forms, functions, analogies, backgrounds
Class 2 - Elements and numerology
Class 3 - Characters: personalities, roles and directions
Class 4 - Particularities in predictions, types of questions and the therapeutic approach
Class 5 - Complex reading structures (+15 cards).
Class 6 - Q&A: analysing the mo
st challenging / peculiar class examples

I really with you enjoy it as much as I know I will :) 



APRIL: Tuesdays 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th + Tuesday 7th May
 18.30 - 20 UK Time

Via zoom, live sessions. Each session will be recorded and sent to those who are enrolled



+ 6 classes + recordings
+ All written material specifically curated for the course
+ Private practice group: 3 exercises sent weekly + feedback from Bel and colleagues



+ Payment needs to be paid in full to attend the course and it can be made through bank transfer or Paypal
+ We do not offer refunds nor exchanges once payment has been made. Please make sure you want to enrol and commit before joining.
+ Spaces are limited to 10 people to ensure we can keep track of each one of our students.

+ COURSE VALUE £180.- 



If you need another payment method please write us to: or

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