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Walk-ins Welcome

A workshop for building confidence, ethos and structure
when reading for others & approaching spaces. 

This is a course for those who want to incorporate safe and professional ways of dealing with clients and approaching spaces for tarot readings.

We will be developing a personal way of approaching tarot readings,
bringing conversations around things to take in consideration when working with people we don't know or when approaching new spaces:
from how to build a praxis that makes sense to you to how to deal with difficult situations in readings for a safer practice ethos. 


Bel started to bring her tarot practice to public spaces in 2015
and since then it became a fundamental part of her work.

She is currently a resident practitioner at She’s Lost Control
and at Bless Stories in London.
Before moving to the UK, she was a resident tarot reader at Maevia & Somos Fe
in Buenos Aires and at OUD in Uruguay.
She worked for Psychics in NYC, Grey St and La Nau in Barcelona,
Mamaquilla in Berlin and at the Ghost Boat in Venice.

From The Brits Awards or Chelsea Fringe to Hen dos, bars, parks, apps,
birthdays, art galleries, hotels or corporate events,
Bel’s work has always stayed versatile and open to different experiences
yet still keeping it real to the core values of her tarot practice.


Do we know the values of our practice?
Which things do work well for you?
which things do you struggle with when reading for others?

How can we take care of our clients?
How can we take care of the spaces we work for?
How can we approach different publics?



WALK-INS WELCOME is designed for tarot practitioners of all levels, specially for those interested in reaching a bigger audience or exposing their practice to different environments and want to be as clear and professional with those approaching as possible.


Ethics of our own project
Styles and methods
Communication & channels of exposure
Versatile readings: adapting the praxis to different scenarios
Legal basis



The Others: approaching strangers
Boundaries and safety measurements
What can go wrong?
Spaces, proposals, negotiation
How to take care of your creations


You are welcome to join us :)


* You will have to be open to read cards for 1 person you don't know
and to read in 1 different method to the ones you normally use.

* You need to work with Tarot at least on a beginners level.


TUESDAYS 15th and 22th August - 19.00h London Time
online via zoom, recording will be available.


IMPORTANT! Once the payment is made,
please send receipt to
so we can send you our registration form.
We don't do refunds :)

UK/EU: £55.-
U$D: $65.-


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