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My Tarot Constellations

My Tarot Constellations

+ a systemic way of looking at numerology & archetypes

A constellation is a group, a system of "some-things"
- usually, a group of stars.
All these "things" together shape a form
which we name according to its characteristics
and according to what they evoke in our collective consciousness. 

When we work with tarot, we work with a constellation of images.

I invite you to take a look
at which shapes
yours is creating.


art 34.jpg

In this 3-weeks course Bel will propose a way of working with tarot numerology and archetypes from a systemic perspective, using as a base the principles of constellations introduced by constellations Mary K Greer y Angeles Arrien, and divination tools to integrate these into your personal practice.  

- Principle of will & directed consciousness 
- Principle of balanced judgement through intuitive knowledge 
- Principle of love and creative imagination
- Principle of vital force and power
- Principle of teaching and learning
- Principle of choice and relationships 
- Principle of mastery through change 
- Principle of courage and self-esteem 
- Principle of introspection and personal integrity 

We will work with our own constellation as well as other participants constellations, evoking archetypes and weekly practices as teachers of personal wisdom.

The main idea of this course is not only to teach you a systemic and holistic way of understanding tarot numerology but also a way of working on yourself on aspects you want to bring to our sessions that can be relevant to what we are discussing too.
You are encourage to participate and to bring your story to our classes. 
Our past experience of this course was transformational for most of us
so participation is truly important! :)



* This is specially useful for tarot readers working with others in self-exploratory ways or those seeking to work with tarot for themselves 

* This is open to anyone working with an oracle of any kind - yes, it is based in tarot but this way of working with numerology can be applied to other oracles too. 

* You can bring any tarot deck to work with as long as you feel a connection with it. Clarity tarot, Waite-Smith, Thoth, The Wild Unknown, Marseille Tarot, and more.

* For this workshop you will need to have a minimum base on tarot knowledge, regardless of method or school (this is getting to know at least one way of working with the Major Arcanas). 


12th, 19th and 26th, 18.30 - 20.30hs. London time, online via zoom.

* recording will be provided for those who can not attend in live to the sessions.

classes will take place in English even though Spanish questions will be allowed for those who don't feel comfortable sharing in English - Bel will translate them and answer in English so everyone can understand. 



Which can be paid via bank transfer or Paypal. (please read terms and conditions as refunds can not be made once you book this course! thank you).

Once payment is done, please send an email to with receipt so we can send you access to the class link + group. 


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