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Oracular Spectacular

Art*esoteric residency for creating non-conventional oracles & researching about divination practices

We explore the liminal space between creativity and spirituality by building oracles with different materials such as cards, sounds, objects, smells, spells, videos, spaces and others, and we build their rules of interpretation by creating a relevant constellation of symbols.



Oracular Spectacular started in 2021 and since then it has been an incubator of over 70 oracles, from which ones 10 of them are being currently commercialised.
The research based on this project was selected and exposed at the Congress of Tarot Barcelona 2023.



+ Anyone who wants to commit to explore at least 1 idea over the course of the residency.
+ Artists who want to go deeper on symbolism, divinatory states and the interpretative side of their praxis
+ Oracle readers -such as Tarot, runes, astrology, palm, aura, and others- who wish to go deeper on their oracles bu exploring the dynamic of building a divinatory artefact and setting up rules for its interpretation.
+ Anyone looking to join a “coven” of 13 people exploring divinatory states and art*esoteric practices; where not only your practice gets deeper buy yourself as a human-creator being.
+ Everyone who wants to create an oracle to publish and distribute it.




1. Creating soulful oracles: the relationship between the materials and the experience.
Foundations for oracular systems and the importance of a personal cosmology.

2. The game’s rules: how do we organise our oracle? Which experience do I bring to life through it? Ways of building beyond resistances.

3. Invocations: when is my oracle alive? Archetypes, sigils, beings. Esoterism and art: a non-negotiable connection.

4. The actual practice: What works, what doesn’t, what needs to change. 


MONDAYS 11th, 18th and 25th of September

MONDAYS 2nd of October 

18.30h - 20h UK Time. Online via zoom.
Classes will be rec
orded if you can’t attend to the lessons but you will be encouraged to participate via email.


This space has limited spaces so if you want to secure your spot, I recommend you do it as soon as you feel ready for it. We will send you a form once you made the payment + receipt to *
This course is £80.- and the fee is non-refundable once made.

Thank you & see you on the other side!

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