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Gift certificate

gift certificate available for a Tarot reading or Flower consultation

  • 85 libras esterlinas
  • Online or in person in London

Descripción del servicio

When you're giving a Tarot reading or flower consultation as a gift to a loved one, you're giving clarity, guidance and knowledge to them. I can send to you a gift certificate, so the person who recieved the gift can book the consultation. I am also occasionally available for readings at events and parties, e-mail me for inquires ~ or (!) if you need to book a time that works for you that's not in the timeline below, please write me ~ ------------- Cuando regalás una lectura de Tarot o una consulta de Flores, estás regalando un momento de total presencia, guía y autocuidado. Puedo enviarte un certificado de regalo para que esa persona pueda agendar cuando le sea cómodo y así lo sienta. Escribime a para solicitar el regalo. (!) Si vivís en Argentina, podés consultarme por la opción de abonar un valor reducido. Escribime a, solo para residentes. (!) Si necesitás que agendemos en otra franja horaria que no está en el calendario, por favor escribime a y encontramos uno :)

Política de cancelación

We don't offer any refunds once a booking is confirmed. We do offer the possibility to reschedule if you notify us 48hs before our meeting time. You take responsibility for any results that take place as a result of your investment. By purchasing an online session, you acknowledge that the Bel Senlle is not responsible for any technical difficulties that could potentially occur while doing our session. Please, check our Safety & Customer Care policies. As always, Bel Senlle does not offer order cancellations, refunds, or returns. Please, make sure you can attend to your session/course on time if you are making a reservation.

Detalles del contacto

+ 447927095729

United Kingdom

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