Belén is an artist, Tarot reader and flower herbalist.

Her artwork and spiritual work are based on opening channels for making the invisible visible.

Belén is the author and publisher of Claridad Tarot Deck.
Learn more about Claridad by clicking here .
She's also the co-creator of BE FLOWER NOW,
her personal tinctures brand based in East London.
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Bel has been reading and studying Tarot for 8 years, and has worked with clients for 5.

She views the Tarot as a beautiful visual guide for our collective and individual experience,
through multi-dimensions of the Self. 
Tarot helps us see through visual landscapes where one is at, where one has been,

and where one is going to be.

Her way of communicating with Tarot is through creative visualisation.
She loves translating the symbolic, mystical interpretations of the cards into common language, using
both historical or contemporary decks, including her own - 'Claridad'.

Bel has worked with Flower Essences during the last 4 years,
she's currently studying Medical Herbalism at Heartwood.
She crafts flower Essences for her clients according to seasons and 
environmental movements.

She believes in healing, evolving, transforming and creating new paths by bringing to consciousness
what's not been seen. This is achieved by making all the information that you need to receive visible, in
order to make changes in the pursuit of your best self.
Bel offers individual Tarot readings as well as personal programs for working with flower essences

that she can make for you too.

She's also open to collaboration with collective, creative projects and events.
Bel leads workshops, online and presential, for all over the world. Sutil Concreto, Claridad,

The Virtue of the Flower Essences, Elemental, Pócimas, are some of her current offerings, you can

read a review of her workshops here.

She has offered her readings and sessions in various different places around the world, like Tienda Fe,
Maevia y Arde (Argentina), Psychics y New Farm(NYC), OUD / OBJETO
UNICO DISTINTO (Uruguay), Mamaquilla (Berlin).

She currently lives and works at her studio in London, Hackney Wick,
as well as she's also a Resident Tarot Reader & Herbal Practitioner 
at She's Lost Control in London Fields

or Bless in Stoke Newington. 


You can contact her directly by email at

or through the studio


thank you, thank you, thank you.

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