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Flower Essence consultation

Session + customised formula

  • 45 minutos
  • 55 libras esterlinas
  • Online worldwide / London

Descripción del servicio

Flowers have their own personality and soul and they can help us whenever we need to get help. They create community, they create relationships, they refresh the energy and they nurture their/our world. To work with them is a way of working with yourself and nature, to see that you’re not separated from your environment and natural cycles, seasons and energetical waves. 

 Flower essences contain the unique vibrational energy of the plant they came from. The best way of getting the perfect combination of essences for you is to have a consultation with me so I can create you your own personal blend of flowers to help you at this time. These will be unique to you and help shift emotional and energetic issues you might be having right now. You can have just 1 consultation or we can work together during multiple/several sessions, depending on how much you want to work with flowers. I will ask you to come to our session prepared with some desired intentions and will ask follow-up questions to best decide which flowers to use. I'll craft a blend that's unique for yourself. - This session includes formulation + a bottle 30ml. It includes delivery fee only in the UK. (!) if you need to book a time that works for you that's not in the timeline below, please write me ~ ---------- Sesión a sesión trabajamos ampliando nuestro registro emocional develando la información que nuestras emociones nos acercan. Las esencias florales nos ayudan a integrar cada emoción, a aceptarla como señal y a traer conciencia sobre su función en nuestro sistema. el valor incluye gotero solo para sesiones en Londres, sin envío. Si tu horario no coincide con los que están disponibles, escribime y encontramos uno :) (!) Si vivís en Argentina, podés consultarme por la opción un valor reducido. Escribime a, valido solo para residentes.

Política de cancelación

We don't offer any refunds once a booking is confirmed. We do offer the possibility to reschedule if you notify us 48hs before our meeting time. You take responsibility for any results that take place as a result of your investment. By purchasing an online session, you acknowledge that the Bel Senlle is not responsible for any technical difficulties that could potentially occur while doing our session. Please, check our Safety & Customer Care policies. As always, Bel Senlle does not offer order cancellations, refunds, or returns. Please, make sure you can attend to your session/course on time if you are making a reservation.

Detalles del contacto

+ 447927095729

United Kingdom

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