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A study group ideal for those looking to pursue a career on Tarot and/or anyone looking to gain confidence, skills and fluidity when reading Tarot for others. 

Each participant will be individually supervised when working with real cases and encouraged to read in different scenarios. 


8 weeks supervision group which includes:

- Private study group

- Real clients supervision

- Case Study Project

- Researching and practicing about common and complex spreads

- Certification of attendance which can be used to apply for Tarot insurance. 

—The skills all professional readers need to develop.

  • Basic Counselling skills required for a session.
  • How to begin building your business.
  • Tarot Ethics.
  • Technical considerations.
  • Charging for your readings.
  • How to follow up with your clients.


Those who attend to the supervision group might be selected to become active readers at the Venus School.


Who is this for? 


These supervisions are for advanced Tarot students that studied at the Venus School and for advanced or professional readers from other backgrounds
- if you had not been involved into the school activities before, we ask you to request an application form by email.

Supervision Tarot Readings Group

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